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We Solve the Challenge for Modern Marketers

The modern marketer is more like a movie studio executive, developing hundreds of stories across a dizzying list of channels. Keeping all this content fresh, on brand, on strategy and on budget is a mighty task.

You need your own studio. A studio built for the age of content.

The modern marketer is more like a movie studio executive.

Developing hundreds of stories across a dizzying list of channels.

Keeping all this content fresh, on brand, on strategy and on budget is a mighty task.

You need your own studio. A studio built for the age of content.

The modern marketer is more like a movie studio executive.

Developing hundreds of stories across a dizzying list of channels.

Keeping all this content fresh, on brand, on strategy and on budget is a mighty task.

You need your own studio. A studio built for the age of content.

Your Complete Brand Content Solution

Integrated Strategy, Creative and Production

Made you look twice


Strategic Storytelling

We create stories that move people. Stories that create action. Stories that create gravity for brands.

Everything turns to gold


Fresh Ideas

With ideas, enthusiasm and joy, we believe anything is possible. So let’s make something that will get noticed, get hearted and get shared.

We make it look easy


Agile Production

As your Brand’s Backlot, we sweat every detail, keeping it all on budget, on time and beautiful. We are seasoned enough to handle the crazy curveballs and nimble enough to jump through any hoop. Worry not.

Our Specialty Teams

— Do What You Do

Our Specialty Teams

After 28 years of innovating at the convergence of story and technology we have built up some skills. Each of our teams has an experienced leader who harnesses the PSS talent and capabilities to move your business forward.


Helping brands find their voice, tell their stories and change their trajectory.

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Sharing stories about gotta see-it-to-believe-it destinations and too good to be true experiences that bring great big grins across lots of faces.

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Brand Action Co

Drive your sales overnight. Build your brand over time. You can have your cake and eat it too.

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Aloha Post

Safe, protected cloud-based post production and VFX that’s easily accessible for rapid editing from anywhere on the planet. So efficient, we say “hello” and “goodbye” at the same time.

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Experience Division

We build experiences that engage hearts, ignite imagination, and transform minds.

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Backpack Social

We are a nimble band of creators hyper-focused on finding and capturing the stories that will amplify your brand.

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4 Super Powers in The Age of Content

4 Super Powers in The Age of Content

Narrative · Immersive · Digital · Extended
The age of content is all around us. It is the way we engage with every screen in our lives, changing how we feel, think, and behave.

We specialize in 4 primary channels of content. Regardless of the channel, story aways leads, because story is always king.



The link between stories, memory and belief change are well proven. Retention is 6-7 times higher through stories and we remember them when they trigger emotion.

A good story is far more persuasive than facts. And that’s a fact. We respond emotionally to stories in a way that makes data and facts credible. And retention is 6 times higher through stories when they trigger an emotion.

We craft strategic stories to propel your brand forward across every screen.



The power to change perceptions, transform beliefs and change behaviors in a single visit.

From themed attractions to executive briefing centers, we mix human storytelling and technology-enabled experiences to amplify emotional impact.

4 Simple Rules for Immersion:
Design the journey, so the guest is the star.
Make It Emotional and Relatable
Create an Element of Surprise
Focus on a singular transformative idea for guest playback.



The power to be more relevant in your audience's lives.

It’s top, middle and bottom of the funnel, and the content presented either moves people in or out of brand stories every step of the way.

Through sequential storytelling, we take customers from awareness to action. Digital is the most pervasive and measurable but also cluttered channel. Ad sequencing breaks through the culture driving higher results than a single repeated ad.

Extended  Reality

Extended Reality

The NEW power to immerse audiences in distant or alternate worlds.

Since the advent of digital cameras and the internet, we have always been pioneering with new technology, including all of the “R”s. VR/XR/AR. These emerging platforms will soon be as commonplace as the internet is today.

We specialize in early adoption applications that create new opportunities for audience engagement and deeply immersive brand stories for our clients.

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Lorri Shaban

Executive Strategist

Mantra: Always start with “why”

Lorri is a brand’s best friend. 

She makes sure its good side is showing. She articulates its best qualities and cranks up its volume. 

And if it’s ever in trouble, you couldn’t ask for a more sophisticated warrior. 

Lorri has developed and activated brands for more than three decades (hey, who wrote that?). She connects the dots quickly, then delivers innovative ideas, sky’s-the-limit creativity and well-tuned execution. She’s a trusted partner whose energy and enthusiasm are contagious. 

We’re more than a little impressed with her advocacy for rescue animals. 

And truth be told, we’re slightly terrified during college football season when she cheers on her alma mater, Florida State.

Tobias Dalsgaard

Vice President of Production Services

Mantra: Well done is better than well said

Toby is discerning.

He has an eye for the best creative work and a talent for bringing out the best in people.

Loyal, funny, easy-going, and crazy good at his job, Toby brings talented people together and gives them the latest, greatest technology and the space to excel.

Toby heads up the PSS Aloha Post Team, our boutique cloud based post production service. He manages a team of 30 editors, animators, producers and designers. He specializes in national AAA broadcast, large format LED and projection mapping engagements, experiential design, VR/360 and social media content. His gift is marrying the right talent to the right assignment and creating high-quality projects on time and within budget.

At the end of the day, when he’s done peopling, Toby heads home, sinks into his favorite chair and gets lost between the pages of a book. After staring screens all day, who can blame him for not watching TV.

Brad Moore


Mantra: We’re all in this together

Brad Aka, the Mayor.

His nickname hails from his leadership style: Brad has his finger on the pulse of all things PSS.

Most importantly, everyone feels genuinely cared about.

Born in Indiana, Brad studied broadcasting at Florida Southern College. During the summers and upon graduation, he worked at Walt Disney World, where he landed his first live television position.

For his next act, he co-founded a small production company, living the life of an entrepreneur until he joined Go Convergence over two decades ago. He came on as an Executive Producer. He’s done a lot of climbing.

His dream for the future? Traveling the world in a motor home. Until then, Brad is the hub of our wheel that keeps things moving smoothly.

Aaron Reed

Executive Creative Director

Mantra: Let’s do this

Aaron is open to possibilities. Ideas. New ways of thinking. He sees boundary-pushing as part of his job description.

And it shows.

As the PSS Executive Creative Director, Aaron heads up Team Levitator, helping brands evolve and elevate their brands in the ever changing omni-channel media landscape. All the while showcasing his exquisite sensibility and taste.

Another one of his trademarks.

An accomplished keyboardist and pianist, Aaron toured briefly with a band after graduating from NYU. He started his design career in NYC for Condé Nast – working on The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Wired. After that, he played in the advertising agency world and then joined the team at GoConvergence. That was almost a decade ago. Time flies when you’re making a name for yourself.

Afterhours? A few hours with his family, playing fetch with their dog, Ziggy, sipping an IPA in the sunshine.

Ashley Plumley

Director of Creative Services

Mantra: Be a little kinder than you need to be

There are few master multi-taskers in the world.

Ashley is one.

At both of her jobs.

A 2012 FSU graduate, she shined at her first job as a traffic coordinator. She’s organized and efficient, and thorough. So, no one was surprised when she quickly rose to the ranks of Director of Creative Services. The problem was that no one wanted to let her leave her post as a Project Manager.

Especially her clients.

Ashley settled on a dual role. Making them both look easy.

Her weekends are typically drenched in sunshine: live reggae, FSU football, boating, or on the beach with a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Warren Rogan

Senior Producer/Writer

Mantra: If you don’t try, you won’t know

Warren is curious.

In all the right ways.

Here’s the thing about curious people. Their enthusiasm is the secret to great work. Warren earned his chops as a writer at Gannett and then the National Hockey League before landing at Go Convergence  – (and now PSS). It’s been almost two decades.

His favorite film production project (for Smuckers) lasted two years. And he’s still buzzing about how much he learned, “Most don’t know it takes almost five years to make one cup of coffee.”

He’s never very far from all things sports-related. Cool fact #1:

Warren completed professional baseball umpire school while attending college. Heckuva side hustle. Cool fact #2: He hosts a podcast called Sports’ Forgotten Heroes. The reviews are in. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Brian Townsend

Vice President of Business Development

Mantra: There are no strangers, only friends we haven’t met.

Brian is a rare breed.

He’s low-key yet tenacious. A business development executive, he combines quiet reasonableness with a determined and unshakable spirit. As a result, he’s earned a nickname: The Velvet Hammer.

After college, he found his way to Walt Disney World as a broadcast producer and then led a couple of public relations teams, including one of his own. Over the last 16 years, he has developed a multi-million dollar client roster ranging from startup companies to Fortune 500 brands. In sum, he knows his way around the brand development business.

A native of Ohio, Brian speaks several languages: Buckeye, Reds, and Steelers. Ask Brian for his Buckeyes recipe. Seriously, you’ll thank me.

Chris Harris

Operating Partner | Brand Action

Mantra: Quality over quantity

Chris is a Hybrid.

Equal parts Brand storyteller and Direct Response scientist.

He has a natural ability to create marketing that is authentic, engaging, measurable, and customer-centric.

Chris was schooled on Madison Avenue and has led creative teams for more than twenty years – producing, writing, directing, and architecting. 

Today, he oversees the direct-to-consumer division of PSS. It’s where brand storytelling is married to data analytics. Their offspring is amazing.

A Jersey boy who spent more than a decade in Northern California, he’s just the right combination of east coast energy and drive and west coast laid-back zen.

David Houston

Senior Animator

Mantra: There is always more to learn

David is eager.

He has an extraordinary eagerness to learn – and he’s constantly expanding his depth of knowledge on all things related to animation. Especially when it comes to 2D and 3D motion graphics.

Today, after seven years with PSS, David develops stunning animations and graphics. The more complex, the better. Add problem-solving or deadline pressure to the mix? Meet David at his very best. 

A jazz studies major, he plays saxophone, flute, and clarinet. You may recognize him from a past life of cruise ship and musical theatre performances. For his next act, he has his sights on pro-level disc golf tournaments. Something tells us that will happen. 

Gary Turchin


Mantra: Gratitude is the only way

Gary was meant to lead.

He’s been helping his team do their best work for 30 years. He inspires creative teams to deliver strong results, and builds community around achieving goals together. “It’s all about a shared vision and shared belief in winning together.”

A graduate of Temple University, he earned his film chops in Hollywood and then worked as a managing partner of two award-winning content studios. He’s driven and energetic, and passionate. And he’s not slowing down any time soon.

Gary and his wife of 30 years live with their five adopted special needs children. We’re in awe.

Kathryn Sutton


Mantra: I make things happen

Kathyrn is a builder.

She heads up the PSS Experience Division, building immersive Innovation Centers and Themed Attractions.

She also builds client friendships that are strong like steel.

Kathryn began her career as a graphic designer. Once she found her calling overseeing and orchestrating projects, she advanced to Executive Producer at a breakneck pace. Anyone would be impressed. And everyone that has worked with her is.

She loves coffee, her dog, and her brand-new husband (something they rushed into after 18 years of dating).

Shane Rodack

Senior Project Manager

Mantra: Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Shane is a Disrupter.

He’s driven to discover the latest in emerging technology. And be the first to enact it. Like implementing virtual reality mapping projections as a hospital recruitment tool. Cool. New. Innovative.

Beyond his specialty, Shane has spent the last few decades crafting brand strategies to deliver across all media types – and managing every detail along the way.

As a diehard theme park nerd, he’s known to geek out at a new piece of theme park entertainment. Retired Shane? He’ll be the guy spending his days roaming around Disney World. And living happily ever after.

Smithy Sipes

Senior Producer/Director

Mantra: If you can’t laugh and smile, it’s not worth doing

Smithy is brave. 

He left the job. Refused to settle. And followed his dream to be a filmmaker.  

Today he produces, directs, and travels, making great content for television commercials, music videos, and independent films in every corner of the earth.

From copywriter/conceptor for Walt Disney World and starving actor to music video and live television producer, he brings with him a storied past.  

Smithy is brave for another important reason: He’s not afraid to drop a dad joke in the middle of a meeting. Groan-worthy, corny puns. We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Todd Thompson

Director / Writer / Producer

Mantra: We can move more people with a good story

Todd is lucky.

His passion found him early on. At eight years old, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life: tell stories. Since then, he’s wasted no time. From acting and writing to producing and directing, Todd tells stories with a vengeance.

Why? For the sheer joy of it. To enlighten humankind. And leave the world a better place. 

Todd comes with a colorful past. A BMX freestyler, he rode for GT and was sponsored by Island Gecko Maui. In college, he started a unisex clothing line that turned heads and landed him on Walt Disney World’s radar. He joined their cast for over two decades, writing, directing, and producing.

He is and always will be a Clevelander at heart. He loves the Browns and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and will swear he shares DNA with LeBron.

Robert Jones

Director of Photography

Mantra: One for All and All for One… Team Work

Robert (aka Roshie) is amazing.

Magic was always in the cards for Roshie. As a child magician, Roshini as he was known, knew he loved to amaze and entertain. Visuals have always captured his eye. That’s why the camera has always been his magic wand.

After Iowa State University, Roshie produced corporate videos and was Senior Producer at AT&T for many years before moving on to directing at an advertising agency in Miami as he continued to cast his spell. He has expanded his skills in visuals with drone work, photography, lighting, and editing to enhance his filmmaking magical dreams.

Roshie resides in the Tampa Bay Area with his family.

Troy Scillian

Executive Creative Director

Mantra: Coffee. Idea. Coffee. Coffee.

Troy is restless.

Creative Directors are storytellers, and Troy is a natural. While he’s spent decades mastering his craft, he sees his best work still in front of him – and he’s restless to make it happen.

Troy gets asked a lot about all the changes in the business. He’s quick to point out that while the mediums are different, his job remains the same: Take the strategy and make it something the audience craves (think warm, buttered popcorn). 

After Troy graduated from The University of Kansas, he launched his career as an art director. Over the years, he co-founded a boutique agency and led creative teams at advertising and in-house agencies, including Executive Creative Director at Universal Orlando Resort.

After hours, he likes to go boating with his family, play golf, and walk on the beach topless while sipping a cocktail.

Katharine Barile

Account Manager

Mantra: Collaboration is innovation

Katharine appreciates words. As a Journalism grad from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), Katharine has followed her love of words into a wide variety of incredible experiences.

In her professional life, she has worked as a production assistant on reality TV shows. A recruiter for focus groups. A story producer for testimonials. A coordinator and producer on national advertising and marketing projects. And now, she is an Account Manager for a team she has known and loved for over a decade.

Katharine finds that building relationships with clients through genuine conversation is what she’s most passionate about now.As she puts it, “Words connect our ideas to our audiences, and they connect us to each other.”

After hours, Katharine is usually either playing foodie at a new restaurant, watching a great show with her family, or reading a detective novel. She might also be making friends with your pets.

Josh Womack


Mantra: Move Forward. Go Further!

Josh is not from Switzerland, but he’s Plant Street’s Swiss army knife.

He’s the new kid on the block, but he’s learned quickly!

After studying film and advertising in college, and playing for the soccer team on the side, Josh found his way to Plant Street Studios and has helped streamline all of the post operations and become our VR 360 guru, with both shooting and editing.

At home, you’ll find him sipping on single origin Ethiopian coffee reading the latest Sci-Fi novel or out running his 5 miles a day.

Josh is all about learning new things that will make his work and personal life better.

Lisa Stanley

VP of Finance

Mantra: Invest in friends and family

Lisa is a caregiver.

Lisa enjoys caring for her Plant Street family and is considered Mom (or cool Aunt). Did everyone eat? Hydrated? She has been with PSS since 1999 and has watched this family grow.

A wiz with numbers and super meticulous, her background has always been in finance and office managerial roles.

Her hobbies include traveling, cruising, camping (Glamping) and going to theme parks. We don’t call her mom, but we love that she treats us like her children.

Andrew Diaz

Graphic designer

Mantra: Do what you love, and everything will work out.

Andrew enjoys just doing what he loves. Graphic Design combines 2 of those loves: art and technology.

This carefree, industrious artist came to work with the Plant Street Studio Team after completing his degree in Graphic Arts and Design. He and his wife still find time to do their own personal art and love working in any medium they can get their hands on.

Raised in the mosh-pits of the Orlando music scene, you can often find him at a show in his off time. When at home he’s usually up to one of two things, drawing on his iPad or immersing himself in his video games. Defeating the Dark Lord Ganon, becoming a Pokémon master, and protecting the island of Tsushima are just a few of his accomplishments.

Matt Giammichele

Senior Editor

Mantra: Just give me an hour…

Matt has been working as an agency level editor since he was a teenager and is renowned for the speed in which he can get a vague idea propped up into a tangible vision. He has an inherent knack for bringing amazing results to the finish line against all odds.

Matt made his way to Florida from upstate New York and joined the team as a full time editor 10 yrs ago after graduating Full Sail at the age of 19. Few people have clocked as many constant and consistent hours as he has in an edit bay.

An accomplished videographer as well as a musician, Matt has spent a lifetime converting his passions into art – both professionally and personally. When not creating incredible content, Matt is an avid hiker, outdoorsman, griller and wrangler to his purebred German Shepherd, Freya.

Melissa Moyer

Senior art Director

Mantra: A good artist knows where to draw the line.

Mel is an artist and alchemist—for every project she touches turns to gold.

Mel believes there’s no reason design should be boring or average, but should be delivered with the highest degree of excellence no matter the size of the client.

Honing her skills for 20+ years, Mel’s artistic direction merits award-winning creative, and is routinely praised by clients and peers alike.

After hours you can find her crafting cocktails and charcuterie with her girlfriend, or covered in sawdust while building a dog park in the yard for her pups Pilot and Deacon.

Jonathan Cook

Creative producer

Mantra: Be Like Water

Jonathan is determination with a smile.

From the newsroom to the edit bay to the studio and practical location, his refined brand storytelling kung fu in writing, directing, interviewing and strategy balances the relatable with the remarkable so a subject shines.

But the real thrill is designing new ways to elevate the product, service, cause or idea. You know, the ad that takes you from “I want that” to “Oh yeah, I NEED that.”

Jonathan defenestrates convention in relentless pursuit of the next north star idea and enjoys weekend collabs with water and gravity.

Paige E. Greninger

Business Development

Mantra: Plant seeds, water, nurture consistently and cultivate for growth.

Paige is a learner, athlete, and connector.

Paige loves gardening, also in the fields of life and business.  The process of planting seeds of ideas, working to establish plans and cultivating client relationships is something Paige prioritizes and executes with intentionality.

As an athlete, Paige is a competitor and also knows the power of teamwork on and off the court.  She knows firsthand the strategy and planning it takes to compete, and the perseverance and effort it takes to win. 

For more than 25 years, Paige has been leading brand strategy, marketing and national account sales with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and innovative nonprofits.  

She’s eager to serve, strengthen and grow the impact Plant Street Studios can make with you and your business in the marketplace.

Ricky Fontanez

Director of Photography

Mantra: Unleashing passion and creativity through the lens of imagination and light.

Ricky is a Passionate Dreamer!

A seasoned Director of Photography with an illustrious career spanning over three decades. With an unwavering passion and love for the art of cinematography, Ricky has skillfully crafted captivating visuals that breathe life into every frame. His expertise lies in turning clients’ visions into awe-inspiring realities on screen, making each project a memorable journey. Embracing creativity and innovation, Ricky continues to shine as a visionary force in the world of videography and cinematography weaving stories through the lens with unmatched dedication and finesse.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ricky is a dedicated family man, cherishing his role as a loving husband and devoted father to four wonderful children. When he’s not immersed in the world of creativity and technology, you can often find him enjoying his favorite hobbies.

As a family-oriented individual, Ricky relishes spending quality time with his loved ones, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s embarking on fun-filled adventures, exploring the great outdoors, or simply having a cozy movie night at home, his commitment to family bonds is unwavering.

Skye Kelly

Sr Graphic Designer

Mantra: Be curious, colorful, and kind.

Skye is a designer, innovator, and shameless pun-maker.

She has as many strengths as she does freckles, including graphic design, branding and social video content direction. She is a part-time ginger and full-time storyteller who leads with curiosity, color and joy. There is never an idea too daunting or vague for her to tackle, and never a Coke-zero unfinished in her presence.

Skye has been in the creative field for over 11 years now, beginning her career journey in various hippie-towns of her home state, Colorado. After moving to Florida and making cool things for a local, all-powerful mouse, she joined the Plant Street Studios team and immediately flourished among its creatives. Skye learns from these found-friends everyday and is always grateful for that.

At home, Skye loves to spoil her 8-pound chihuahua Robin and eat amazing meals made by her boyfriend, Josh. She is also an avid interior-designer, and enjoys the quirky, maximalist charm of her colorful apartment. Just ask her about the giant, pink bear statue in the living room.

Kenny Taht


Story Leads. Reality Follows.

Mantra: Story Leads. Reality Follows.

Kenny loves ideas.

Big, Smart, Fresh. He has a passion for concepts worth executing.

And he works hard to bring them to life in the most powerful way possible.

For over 25 years, he has been directing creative and production teams to launch networks, shows, products, businesses, and brands – including several of his own companies.

As PSS’s creative leader, Kenny collects curious people and inspires them to challenge the status quo. He even uses his own secret sauce for motivation and productivity: Add plenty of joy and enthusiasm.

Suffice to say, it’s working.